t-poutine_exteriorI’m not sure that all of the 1950’s Red Scare paranoia with Communists hiding under everyone’s bed isn’t back. But it is not Communists this time it is Canadians! What’s more, we’re not worried at all. In fact we welcome them with with open arms. Thus we have the latest “soon to be” addition to our culinary landscape.

A sign advertising a store called T-Poutine is now at 168 Ludlow on the Lower East Side. I called the number but all I got was a recording. A little net research disclosed that they were cited for faulty plumbing by the Health Department on July 6 of this year. This is typical prior to the opening of a new restaurant. It is fairly routine and when everything is in order I’m sure it will open with great Canadian fanfare.

I must admit I have never had the fabled Poutine but maybe soon and in my own backyard.