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A View from the Sidelines: Rod McKuen, Bunnies and Bob Hope

Dorothy Chandler PavilionWhen I was a teenager I used to go and watch them set up the bleachers and lay down the red carpet for the Academy Awards. It was easy then. They were held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, smack dab in the middle of downtown Los Angeles and just a short bus ride from my Boyle Heights home. There weren’t many people around. The bleachers could accommodate a couple of hundred people and you could get a space by just hanging around.

I have always been a fan. Music, movies, comedy. But I am also a fan of writers and painters, poets and scientists.  We needn’t subsist on a diet of strictly sports stars and pop stars. Arts & Letters and the Sciences are all great places to bestow celebrity. The media doesn’t make celebrities, we do. It is in our collective hands, each and every day.

I think celebrity should be based on accomplishment, so who deserves it and who gets it are often at odds for me. Once achieved however, there are myriad ways of dealing with it and therein the spectacle unfolds. Continue reading